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Kedarnath Dham- Kedarnath Temple & Yatra Information

May 24, 2020

Kedarnath is a holy Hindu temple located in Rudrapryag district of Uttarakhand in India. It is one of the Char Dhams located in the Himalayas. The Kedarnath temple lies amidst the majestic snow. Capped Garhwal Himalayas ranges and is thronged by thousands of tourists each year. The tourist season in Uttarakhand is on and the historic temple in Kedarnath reopened for pilgrims on Thursday. The temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva, is said to be more than 1,200 years old. A visit to the Kedarnath temple is an integral part of the famous Char Dham Yatra in Uttarakhand. The Yatra also includes visit to Shrines like Gangotri, Yomunotri and Badrinath. All four shrines are located in the Garhwal divi of Uttarakhand. When Kedarnath temple opened on Thursday with amid chanting of vadic hymns and religious rituals. During the winter the deity is brought down to a village called Ukhimat and the temple is closed. In summer, when the weather improve the deity is carried back to the temple amid much fanfare and rituals. According to legends, the Pandavas after having won over the Kauravas in the Kurukshetra war, felt guilty of having killed their own Kith and Kin and sought the blessing of Lord Shiva for redemption. He eluded them repeatedly and while fleeing took refuge at Kedarnath in the from of a bull. The Kedarnath temple has a Garbha Griha for worshipped and a Mandap, opt for assemblies of pilgrims and visitors. The year, the Kedarnath temple has been decorated with 10 quintals of flowers that were donated by an NGO based in Rishikesh, Mohan Lal Thapliyal, chairperson of the Badrinath. Kedarnath temple committee told IANS. The Kedarnath temple closes on the first day of Kartik  (October -November )and reopens in vaishakh  (April -May )every year. The Kedarnath temple were thrown open at 6.10 am on Wednesday after six months long winter break. Baba kedara’s arrived at Kedarnath temple on the eve of its opening during the nationwide lock down, at Rudrapryag district of Uttarakhand. Kedarnath chief priest along with others departed with baba Kedarnath’s doli for Gaurikhand. The ‘doli ‘ departed from Gaddisthal for Gaurikhand. The ‘Yatra ‘will be covered via vehicle till Gaurikhand and then to Kedarnath Dham by foot. At this time devotee will not allowed for darshan in the temple due to the ongoing coronavirus   outbreak followed by the subsequent Pan-India lockdown. The temple dedicated to Lord Shiva Kedarnath temple is among the 275 temples of Paadal Petra Sathalam  (the most powerful shiva temple in the world )and is also the most important among the panch kedars.

The Mandakini River flows peacefully alongside Kedarnath with fresh air and mesmerizing view. Every year ,thousands of Hindu visit Kedarnath temple to see the blessing of Lord Shiva. Kedarnath temple is a favourite of adventure seekers and people inclined towards spirituality too. Pandavas constructed the Kedarnath temple which was later reconstructed by Adi Shankaracharya in 8th AD. It is claimed by geologists that Kedarnath temple was under the snow for 400 year during in Little Ice Age. The little Ice Age Constitutes the period between 1300-1900AD.

The word Kedarnath means ‘the Lord of the field ‘derived from the Sanskrit words. A small hall in front of Kedarnath temple beams with image of Parvati and the five Pandavas. The hall at the entrance of Kedarnath temple is decorated with status of Lord Krishna, the Pandavas, Draupati, Nandi, Shiva’s vehicle, Virbhadra and other deities of the Hindu mythology. The great statue of Nandi greets you outside the temple door. There is a conical rock structure inside the Kedarnath temple that is worshipped as the Sadashiva from of Shiva. Kedarnath temple is made from gray hunk of stones. The stone slabs are interlocked with each other with the use of iron clamps.“If you want visit Kedarnath Temple  our company  provides complete Tour  Package, book online from our site and gets instant discount”.

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