Exploring The Wildlife Gem Of Gujarat: Sasan Gir

Exploring The Wildlife Gem Of Gujarat

May 8, 2020

Jungle Safari is the best wildlife tours in Gujarat, National Gir Parks ,museums and wildlife in Gujarat, are the three most important tourist attractions in this state. Gujarat is always praised for being rich in flora and fauna. The state is suitable for rare wildlife species such as the Asiatic lion, black buck and wild ass among others. Some of the most famous national parks and wildlife in Gujarat are the Gir Forest National Park, Marine National Park and Black Buck  National Park etc. Tour operators conduct various wildlife tours in Gujarat. Travellers from all around the globe are attracted towards Gujarat to experience nature and the wildlife. Gir National Forest allows you to witness rare species of Gir, flycatcher, egale sandgrouse, Bush Quail, partridges and woodpecker. The main focus would be the Gir National Park, where you get see various vibrant colorful birds. Here you can see up 200 types birds landing on to the lake. Next visiting the Banni Grassland is an essential element of Gujarat wildlife. In this enjoying, you get an opportunity to see the desert cat wolf’s and foxes. The Banni village is known for its Handicrafts. The Rann of Kutch is another famous wildlife site which lets you enjoy nature and wildlife at its fullest. If you want to see ancient India then you enjoy next drive to Velavadar Via Lothal can help you visit the most prominent of cities in ancient India. Located in the Bhal region, the modern state of Gujarat is the benchmark for preserving wildlife heritage at its best Velavadar Park is a large piece of flat land that is covered with grass. It is an ideal place for a sighting of blackbuck and antelope. The woolf is the main predator of this region. Gir is the only natural habital of world popular Asiatic Lion. Gir National Park in Gujarat is the only place in the world where lions roaming free in the wild. The government notified the large geographical extent of Sasan Gir as wildlife Sanctuary on 18th September, 1965 in order to conserve the Asiatic Lion. The entire forest area of the Gir National Park is dry and deciduous which provides best habitat for Asiatic Lions. Apart from these two animals the park is a home to two different species of Deer. The Sambar is counted largest Indian Deer. The Gir Forest is also known for the Chowsingha -the world’s only four horned antelope. The Jackie, stripped Hyena and India Fox  are some of the smaller carnivores found in Gir Forest. National park attracts large number of tourist to witness the Aassiatic Lion, as this is the sole place all across the world where these creatures are presently found. The Sanctuary is open for tourism from 16th October to 15th June every year.

The Gir forest in Gujarat is famous for lions all over the world. Asiatic Lion are found here in large numbers. But the wildlife institute of India Dehradun has presented a shocking report related to the forest of Gir. According scientists, the lion seems to be dependent on humans leaving its natural nature. It covers total area of 1412 square kilometres of which 258 km forms the core area of the national park. Gir National Park, wildlife in Gujarat is the most important tourist attractions in this state. In this tour you enjoyed many types of experience for lifetime . You will watched Gir Birds, this birds one of the most beautiful and incredible part of life over our earth. The Sasan Gir National Park is an esteemed wildlife destination in India which has attained an immense popularity among vivid travellers, wildlife lovers, photographs, nature, enthusiastic, researchers and hunters. Being the only destination on to spot the Asiatic lion in India, it keeps on attracting large number of travellers from several parts of the world and country.“If you want visit Wildlife Safari in Gujarat our company  provides complete Tour  Package, book online from our site and gets instant discount”.

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