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September 16, 2020

The landscape of Ooty promises great number of beautiful memories for the tourist with panoramic views of the blue hills and lush greenery. Tourist places in Ooty offers an enchanting gateway for family vacation, backpackers and honeymoons . Ooty is the Queen of Hill Stations. You can be sure interested for seeing Ooty’s many memorable places. These top place to visit in Ooty will ensure your memorable travel experience.

1.Avalanche Lake – It is perfect place for a family outings. It is a perfect mandatory places to visit in Ooty. It is a naturally created lake. The place offers an opportunity to do trout fishing, activities like trekking and camping. This lake beautifully lying amidst the lush greenery of maintain and landscapes mesmerises every visitors. It is also an ideal picnic spots nature painted this place beautiful hills and plants.

2 . Ooty Lake – Ooty lake is surrounded by Eucalyptus trees and greenery all around and is a great place to experience the beauty of this Hill Station. This is a perfect place to capture people who are genuinely interested in photography. The lake is filled with beautiful water birds with the exotic Nilgiri mountain ranges in the backdrop. The romantic song ‘Dil Deewana’ Maine Pyar Kiya ” is shoted here and Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani “also. Ooty lake is one of the most refreshing and beautiful place to visit in Ooty.

3.Emberald Lake – Emerald Lake is a part of the silent valley national park in Nilgiri’s district. It’s surrounding are much cleaner and offers a perfect place to enjoy a leisurely time. Emerald Lake is the ideal spot in Ooty for nature lovers, therefore the picturesque scenic beauty of the lake and the Nilgiri slopes and tea plantation surrounded it is paradise for nature photography.

4.Rose Garden – The Garden is known as the Jayalalitha a Rose Garden. The Nootranuda Roja Poonga and the Canterbury Rose Park. Rose Garden a mesmerising garden in heart of the town of Ooty. The Garden lush of green and the area dedicated to captivatingly fragrant roses is a sight to remember. The beautiful rose garden located on the Elk Hill, established in 1995. The garden is also known to be one of the most famous botanical garden. The flowers fragrant roses. The park flowering season in suner March and June.

5.Dodabetta Park – Dodabetta park is the most preferred place to visit Ooty. Dodabetta is strategically located between the western and eastern ghat. It is a treat to the eyes, this picturesque land is indeed a great sightseeing place, it is also popular for trekking destination.

6.Thread Garden – The Thread Garden at Ooty is a popular tourist spot. Antony Joseph is the mastermind behind this unique inception along with his skillful and proficient helpers has worked constantly for 12 year. The most astounding fact stay to be that not a stitch of a needle or any other machinery have been used in the production of these flowers, stiff car boards for flowers any petals steel and copper wires for stem were voraciously used along with a variety of colourful thread to create these visual delights.

7.Kalhatti Falls, Bellikkal – The valley are great place to spot some endemic birds. The lovly beauty and calm atmosphere of the place make it an ideal place to spend vacation and for short trips. The lake and the falls merge into is also a very important attractions of Bellikkal and is surrounded by lush greenery. Kalhatti falls is a beautiful waterfall, it was situated to the south of Sigur plateau in Tamil Nadu.

8.Kotagiri, Coonoor –  Kotagiri is famous for its sprawling tea plantations. It is the third largest Hill Station in the Nilgiri hills. It is enjoy for some trekking expedition leading into the Nilgiri. The lush greenery landscape of Kotagiri, lots of apportunity for activities like hiking, trekking and rock climbing. The picturesque beauty lush greenery landscape and cool climate of Kotagiri make it in ideal place. It is the perfect place to indulge in some leisurely stroll and bask in the surreal beauty of nature.

9.Lamb’s Rock – The Lamb’s Rock is just 8 km outside Coonoor while on the way to Dolphin’s nose. The place provides some fascinating views of the Coimbatore plain and the Coonoor hills.

10.Catherine Falls – The Falls are nestled amidst the lush greenery of the Nilgiri and are a pristine location to witness the beauty of nature. The Catherine Falls is truly a place in the lap of nature for the travellers to soak in the ambience for the explore to discover all that nature has to offer adventures path and captured some of the best memories. Catherine Falls also known ‘St Catherine’s Falls ‘. It is situated in the area that surrounded Coonoor.

11.Pykara Lake – The Pykara village along with a beautiful river by the same name, also houses a dam and a power plant. The backwater have formed enormous lake, which is now known as the Pykara lake. The lake is comfort to scenic beauty. Nature lovers, photographers and adventures seekers should definitely never miss this place. The Pykara river originated from the Mukurthi peak. The falls is delightfully in a succession of breathtakingly beautiful waterfall. Pykara lake is surrounded by the shola forest . The boat house is a fantastic place to sit back relax and gorgeous delicious food. The best time to visit the lake is of course during the mansoon.

12.Thunder WorldThunder World is also known as Dinosaur park. It is famous among the young and old get a feel of going back into the past and witnesses of spirits world. The park divided into themed section the Jurassic Jungle, the Vortex and the Hounded house. There are various models of dinosaur that one can study. Thunder World unique for educational and memorable experience.

13.Adam’s Fountain – Adam’s Fountain is a gorgeous fountain situated at the charring cross junction Ooty. The fountain was built in 1886. It is very important tourist landmark in the city.

14 . Stone House – Stone House in Ooty is famous for being the first bungalow, it is also known as Kal Bangala in Tamil, it’s built in 19th century by John Sullivan. The stone house is a well maintained property . The building has sort of launched the modernization of the town. Since its creation, several more development like more houses, road etc. Currently the principal of the government Arts College resides in the house. The Stone house in Ooty retains most of its picturesque charm.

15.Ooty Flower Show – The Ooty Flower Show is annual event. It is referred to as ‘The Showstopper of the south ‘. This is annual event is organised by the Department of Horticultural and Plantation crop under the government of Tamil Nadu. Several different species of beautiful flowers, indigenous and exotic are displayed here. The flower show also focuses on creating  awareness among the gardening and forming community by hosting garden competition.

16.Lake Park – Lake Park in Ooty is situated adjacent to the Ooty lake. The park is a hot spots of leisure evening and sunbathing, it also has dinasour status and entertaining game for kids.

17.Halashana Falls – The very beautiful and unforgettable place. The waterfall are located in Nilgiri near city of Ooty and Coonoor. The waterfalls colour silver very unique waterfall. The area around the falls is owned by a private estate. The waterfall’s height of 150 feet above the sea level.“If you want visit Ooty our company  provides complete Tour  Package, book online from our site and gets instant discount”

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