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June 4, 2020

Allahabad recognised for hosting the largest and grandest Hindu pilgrimage fester, is actually more than that. The city is usually known as Allahabad but the original name were “Prayag” or “Kaushambi “. This important destination in Uttar Pradesh has been days of political, cultural and administrative. The city is popular as a venue for Kumbh Mela and for housing edifices like the Allahabad Fort, Allahabad University and Anand Bhawan which is the ancestral home of Nehru Family. In fact that city is not just the home of the Nehru Family but 13 other prime Minister of India. There are several other places of interested here which was built by British during the British Raj to several contemporary monument, each depicting a different time period in the history of the city, like that –

Triveni Sangam – The Triveni Sangam is the junction point of three rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Sarasvati. Both Ganga and Yomunotri are extremely revered rivers in Indian mythology. According to Hindu mythology taking a both in the holy Triveni Sangam is supposed to flush away all the sins and free from the cycle of rebirth. Sangam itself is a beautiful and peaceful place to visit. If you take a boat ride to the gently flowing water of Ganga and Yamuna. The water is clear enough at the Triveni Sangam fora both especially during the winter. The brownish Ganga meeting the slightly greenish Yamuna is indeed a sight to behold .

Khusro BaghKhusro Bagh is one of the most popular tourist destination in Allahabad. It houses three sandstone tombs of Jehangir family, his wife, Shah Begum, his oldest son Khusrau Mirza and his daughter Sultan Nithar Begum. Landscape amid an elaborately beautiful garden of guava trees and roses the Bagh cites intricate carvings and inscription on each of the mausoleums.

Anand BhawanAnand Bhawan is the former residence of Nehru Family. The double storey mansion was personally designed by Motilal Nehru. When the prior residence of Nehru’s family Swaraj Bhavan started to be used as an office of India National Congress. The house is beautifully adorned with the wooden furniture important from China and Europe and various artefacts from all around the world. It was visited by many famous freedom fighters. In 1970, it was donated to the Indian government by Indra Gandhi to convert it into a Motilal museum to keep intact the legacy of Nehru Family.

Allahabad Museum – It was situated inside the famous Chandrashekhar Azad park the museum is one of the national level museum of India. The main highlight of Allahabad museum are the rock sculpture the miniature paintings from Rajasthan ,terracotta from Kaushambi. The museum also house a large collection of Bangal school of Art and Modern painting of Anagarika a Govid, Nicholas and Svetoslav Roerich. It gives an insight into the history, culture heritage and independence movement of India. Allahabad museum is a treasure of India history

Allahabad FortThe Allahabad Fort holds a huge significance and manged by the Archaeological survey of India. The fort is also well known for its Akshayavat Tree. For those who wish to see the tree entry is allowed through a small gate. Allahabad Fort is also home to the Patalpuri Temple which is said to be home all the gate of hall. The best way to explore the Allahabad Fort from outside is on a boat ride in the river either during sunrise or sunset. Allahabad for is a splendid work of architecture that was built during the regin of Akbar, 1583. It was located on the bank of the confluence of the rivers Ganga, Yamuna and is well known for being the largest fort ever built by Akbar.

Allahabad PillarAllahabad pillar was further shifted from its origin to Akbar’s Allahabad Fort which is a present day army land. A significant remnants of the Gupta era. Allahabad pillar is one of the many pillar set up of the Mauryan emperor, Ashoka.

Hanuman MandirHanuman Temple is located at Sangam area of Allahabad. It was constructed underground with a leaning posture of a 20 feet long and 8 feet wide deity of Hanuman. The Shrine is a popular pilgrimage spot in the city and stays especially busy on Tuesday and Saturday. The temple would typically require to stair pathways to reach the idol beneath ground level. The Hanuman Mandir is also known as the Lete Hue Hanuman Temple.

Magh Mela – The Magh Mela attracts a large number of tourist and pilgrims every year ,looking forward to washing their sins off in the holy river at the time of the Mela. The Mela gets its name from its occurrence in the Hindu month of “Magh “or the month of February in the Gregorian Calendar. Magh Mela is the mini version of the famous Kumbh Mela. Taking place at the confluence of the three great Indian rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Sarasvati at Pryagraj. The Magh Mela attracts a large number of tourist and pilgrims every year.

Chandrashekhar Azad Park – The biggest local park, company garden is a 133 acred green space owners far walks, jogs and picnicking . The park house also massive statuettes of George and Victoria in the centre of the garden. Originally known as Alfred Park. It was located in George Town of Prayagraj the park was established in 1870. Company Gardens was further renamed as the Chandrashekhar Azad park in 1931 after the later died as a martyr here.

All Saints Cathedral – All Saints Cathedral is all known as the “church of stone “.All Saints Cathedral was formerly founded in 1871 by Lady Muir Elizabeth Huntly Wenyss. It was built in the late 19th century. All Saints Cathedral or Patthar Girijaghar is a spectacular Anglican Christian Church on M. G Marg. One of the beautiful church in the state.

Alopi Devi Mandir – It was located at Alopibagh, near the holy Sangam. Alopi Devi Mandir is an conventional temple revered by Hindu faith. Housing the last of Goddess Sati’s body parts, the Alopi Devi Mandir counts among the Sakti peeths of the country. Tuesday are a busy day at this temple. This holy site attracts vast crowds of devotee during the Hindu festival of Navratri.

New Yamuna BridgeThe New Yamuna Bridge is one of the first six -Lane bridge in India built with modern structure. It acts as a link between Allahabad and NH27. It was established in 2004. New Yamuna Bridge over the river Yamuna was built to minimise traffic flow on the old Naini Bridge in Allahabad

During Magh Mela and Kumbh Mela you can see the tented cities stretch for miles from this bridge.

Allahabad University – It was instituted on 23rd September 1887. Allahabad University and public central University situated in the old Katra area of Allahabad. The university is considered to be amongst the oldest modern day university of India.

Mankameshwar Temple – It was situated on the bank of river Yamuna in the vicinity of Saraswati ghat in Allahabad. The temple is a revered Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple attracts hundreds of pilgrims especially on Monday as they conduct the Shiva pooja on this day Navratri is also a wonderful time to visit the temple. The Pradusha pooja is carried out every Saturday.

Minto Park – Minto Park is the very place where India was declared as a shifted colony from the East India company to the British. The fourlion sculptures in white stone established by the Earl of Minto in 1910 is a highlight here. It hosts lush greenery alongside seating facilities. There are also a few tea shops the park vicinity. It is lush green park which was formerly known as Madan Mohan Malviya Park.

Jawahar Planetarium – This place also holds an annual Jawahar Nehru Memorial lecture on November 14th. Jawahar Planetarium airs a documentary based on our galaxy and other life in space as well. One of the significant activities here are measuring body weight on the moon and other planets such as Jupiter and Saturn.

Allahabad Public Library – This library served as the houses of Lagislative Assembly of the state of United Provinces when Allahabad was the colonial capital. As of now,the massive collection around to 125,000 books, 40 types of magazines and 28 different newspaper in English, Hindi, Urdu and Bangali. It was constructed in 1854, it’s located inside the company Gardens the Allahabad Public Library and oldest building in Uttar Pradesh.

Fun Gaon Water Park – It was situated in the Kaushambi Road in Allahabad Fun Gaon Water Park, true to its name is a fun filled thrilling water park in the city . The park has a lot of tube slides, open slides, several swimming pools costume changing rooms, locker rooms; shower rooms etc.

Nandan Kanan Water Retreat – It was situated on the Allahabad -jaunpur highway in Allahabad. The park boast of a variety of water and regular rides both for adults and kids. It has several roller coasters, food stalls changing and looker rooms etc.

Boating in Ganga – Boating is one of the top tourist things to do in Allahabad watching a sunrise or a sunset with clear water all around. The ghats at a pretty pictures and the ambiance is divine.“If you want visit Allahabad  our company  provides complete Tour  Package, book online from our site and gets instant discount”.

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