April 28, 2020

Chardhams are the famous four holy places of Hindu pilgrimage, which are nestled among the lofty peaks of Himalayas in Uttarakhand. This Hindu pilgrimage Chardham circuit consists of four sites Badrinath, Rameshwaram, Dwarka, Puri. All these locations are believed to be highly sacred by the Hindu religion. It is the ultimate desire of every Hindu to visit the holy Shrine at least once in life time to attain salvation. According to Hinduism the pilgrimage Teerth Yatra, is one of the five duties of every Hindu, along with Dharma, Worship, Sanskaras and observing religion festival. A pilgrimage is an exercise in willpower, humility and faith, when the devote travels to often difficult location, leaving his problem at the feet of the deity and forgetting everything but God. A pilgrimage is an intimate experience, a direct connection between the seeker and the sacred. A devotee goes on pilgrimage to see holy men and women, to worship at holy, Shrine, to have darshan of deities abiding in ancient sanctums. A pilgrimage journeys to see God have a life changing, bliss – an gendering, Karama – eradicating contact with the divine. Several individual wish to visit all the four holy places in one trip so as to ensure that their souls have no trouble crossing over post death. A trip of Chardham is definitely and adventure in itself as undertaking it moons touching all the four corners of the country. A fun-filled holiday with your family is the best time to strengthen bonds and rejuvenate the love between dear ones.

The Chardham is a set of four pilgrimage sites in India. It is considered by Hindu that every Hindu must visit the Chardham during one’s lifetime. The Chardham as defined by Adi Shankaracharya consists of four Hindu pilgrimage sites. According to Hindu belief, Badrinath become prominent when Nar-Narayan, an avatar of Vishnu, did Tapasya there. At that time that place was filled with berry trees. In sanskrit language barries are call ‘badri ‘ ,so the place was named Badrika – Van the forest of barries. The particular spot where the Nar-Narayan did Tapasya a large berry tree formed covering him to save him from the rain and the sun. Local people believe that Mata Laxmi become the berry tree to save Lord Narayana. People will always take her name before his name, hence Hindu always refer “Lakshmi -Narayan “. It was called Badrinath. So Badrinath come to first Dham. The second place, Rameswaram God it importance in the Treta Yuga when lord Rama built a Shiv- Lingam here and worshiped it to get the blessing, to Lord Shiva. The name Rameshwaram means Rama is Lord. The third Dham Dwarka got its importance in the Dwapara Yuga when lord Krishna made Dwarka his residence instead of Mathura. The fourth Puri Dham has got its own significance, Lord Vishnu getting worshiped here as Jagannath which is his avatar for Kali Yuga. Another circuit of four ancient pilgrimage sites in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, Yomunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath is referred to as Chardham to differentiate it from this bigger circuit of Char Dham sites. These Chota Char Dham shines are closed in winter due to snowfall and reopen for pilgrims with the advent of summer.“If you want visit Chardham our company  provides complete Tour  Package, book online from our site and gets instant discount”.

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